To me, there is very little as magical as gathering together under a blanket of stars and hearing a story. To ride the spell of a tale into the mythic and back, in the company of community, family, co-workers is a special type of medicine in these times.

If you feel the call to bring some stories closer to your life, I am here for it!

I will come to your event, in person or on Zoom and share a story on a chosen theme, or one from my bag of tricks.

200 USD per event


Have you always wanted to deepen your relationship with story? To crack open your lips around the fire and let wild old tales leap out? Or get steeped in the image at the heart of a tale ? I would love nothing more than to support you to get there. I am offering one-on-one mentoring to support you in courting, learning, and telling the myths, legends, and poems that are longing to be given flight by your words.

  • Be guided in a process for finding the stories that are yours to carry
  • Learn memorization and story trailing techniques
  • Using a nature-based mentoring approach Ritual informed story working
  • Ritual informed story working

300 USD for four 1 hour mentoring calls